Sudbury MA, circa 1776

Sudbury, Massachusetts, United States of America
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Sudbury, Massachusetts
Historic? Uh huh. Full of trees? Most definitely.

-- Whether you live in Sudbury, are interested in living in Sudbury, or would like to post the goings-on of the area, you are more than welcome to join and start discussions, post pictures, or even something you happen to be selling in the Sudbury area. Or, feel free to rant about how awful Sudbury is..! As long as it's relevant to Sudbury, Massachusetts, writing about any issue is permitted. Inappropriate posts will be deleted, and I reserve the right to ban any livejournal user from this community for posting such. In addition, if you are going to post an entry or comment in this community, I request that it be polite to other members of the community.

That said, please join!

picture © Fletcher Boland; May 13, 2003.

- Your maintainer, greenfall
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